A reason of pride

A reason of pride for our Snacks Plant: We received the IFS International Food Standard – IFS V6 Certification!

At Uniban, we are very proud of our food plant and our collaborating team. We celebrate together having obtained the International Food Standard – IFS V6) certification, the policy that accredits the quality and harmlessness in all our processes and products, guaranteeing that we fabricate food products that fulfill client specifications and that we work for the continuous improvement of our processes.

By meeting the IFS standards, we can demonstrate to all our customers that we not only make safe products by following their specifications, but we also guarantee the uniformity and transparency throughout the entire supply chain and the efficient management of resources to the consumer.

We fulfilled 278 requirements contained in the norm regarding management responsibility, quality and food-safety processes, resource management, planning and production processes, measurements, analysis and improvements and Food Defense.

Today, they certify us at the top level of the IFS (International Food Standard – IFS V6) standard, being the only snack company in Colombia with this recognition.